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Infi-Touch Nitrile Gloves

Infi-touch 8mil thickness disposable gloves is the perfect answer to your ecommerce needs! These gloves are made with 8mil thickness and are 12 inch length. They come in blacklatex and are 50 count.

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These gloves are built to last with heavy duty nitrile material. They are strong and tough with a chemical resistant finish.
these infi-touch gloves are a new generation of heavy-duty gloves that are designed to last. They are made with a heavy-dutynitrile material that is strong and tough. The gloves have a chemical-resistant layer that keeps them from coming off while you are working. They are also high-quality and will last long.
these insoluble fiberglass nitrile gloves are perfect for use in the
handling of chemicals and other substances that may cause
damage. They are triple-cleanable with a 5mil bandage and
attenuate over time.